I just got back from turning in that huge paper I was working on for the last few nights!  And then, after realizing that it’s been over 65 hours since I’ve slept, I tried to clear off my bed to get into it.  Here is the list of things I had to move:

3 textbooks

1 novel

A pair of Chacos

2 folders

All the contents of the folders, which had been strewn about haphazardly


My computer

My computer charger

2 pairs of headphones

My phone

My phone charger

A full-blown desk lamp (which I had balanced precariously on my bed post so I could read at night without disturbing Harper.  I also had to crawl under the bed to plug in/unplug this)

A box of tissues

An empty can of Rockstar cola

An empty container of tea

A mug of water (which I had shoved in between the wall and my pillows)

My snuggie

A pair of shorts

A bra

A netflix movie & its packaging

Multiple assorted writing utensils

My contact case

I am thoroughly impressed by this list…I guess this proves that I really do work well where I’m most comfortable, desk or no.

Happy Finals Week, everyone!