HOORAY I JUST FINISHED MY PHOTOGRAPHY FINAL!!!!!!!!!  I developed 36 B&W prints, each 3″x5″, of people’s front porches in the different neighborhoods surrounding campus.  Here’s an excerpt from the paper I wrote to accompany it (hopefully you can all get a good idea of what the piece looks like and what the concept behind the work was):

The goal of this piece (or pieces, if the viewer wishes to individualize them) was to create an emotional environment through lack of emotion and distance.  As the artist, I removed myself from the work as much as possible in order to make space for the viewers’ responses and reflections.  I chose to photograph front porches in order to further this idea conceptually: the porch is a space in the home kept clear for company, the steps swept clean regularly, the ledges carefully decorated with flowers, plants, and porch swings.  People maintain their porches based on how they wish to appear to the passerby, rather than how they would keep them if they were shaded from public scrutiny.  I want my work to reflect this air of manicured, impersonal, distance while still maintaining enough aesthetically pleasing elements to captivate the viewers’ interest.

As with Collins’ and Basilico’s work, I chose to work in black and white with my analog camera rather than digital media.  I felt that the physicality of the piece deserved the more “dirty” hands-on process of development rather than just simply printing the images.  I focused on the less perfect areas of the porches I photographed, capturing peeling paint and chipped brickwork rather than perfectly laid cement in an attempt to re-create the sense of beautiful dilapidation found in Collins’ “In the Course of Time 6” and Basilico’s “Beirut.”

From Hoch’s work, I took the ideas of lighting, tonality, and geometric balance and worked them into the images in my piece.  Several of the shots presented here (including #17, the slanted windows) were intended to evoke feelings of peacefulness and zen; two things found commonly among photographs and front porches.  Formally, I attempted to recreate his use of pillars and perpendicular lines.

Now all I have to do is finish the essay and write a 400-word mini-essay for English tomorrow, and I’m 100% done!  So excited :)

I called home today to make sure I had everything I needed to drive the party-barge (ahem, minivan) back to Elburn; looks like I just need to check the oil and tire pressure and I should be fine.  I’m also pretty excited because since I got a new phone, I had to sign up for the 30 day trial of GPS on it so if I get hopelessly lost, it won’t be too bad.

I talked to Dave today as well – apart from a minor scare this morning, it looks like he is doing much better :)

I think I broke my headphones, simply from using them too much :/

Simply Orange is the best juice company ever, and it is only like $3 for a huge thing of it.  Yay!

Cinco de Mayo EKO party tomorrow night on the hall!  Everyone should come, it’s gonna be super fun!

You know who you are: I hate you.  Please go away now.  Kthnxbai.

To everyone else at Woo: You are wonderful, and I’m so sad to leave you all!  I hope you all have wonderful summers, and that next semester is tolerable without me :P  @ B.K.: When you come to Chicago, I expect you to call me…its gonna be super epic-fun!  @ everyone: If you get a chance, come say goodbye to me tomorrow since I’m leaving early on Thursday morning.

Time to start packing!