I got my first three grades back for the semester: B in Politics of Developing Countries, B in Scuba, and C+ in Concept Strategies of Photography.  Saying that I’m disappointed would be an understatement in the same sense that “you’re gonna feel some pressure…” right before the doctor re-sets your broken bone is an understatement.   I’m really pissed about photo.  I had As on all my projects and papers as far as I know, and unless I failed my final (which is highly unlikely), the only reasoning he could have for docking me so much is attendance.  But even then, I had a serious illness, documented by the wellness center and by the dean’s office.  It really, seriously wasn’t my fault that I couldn’t handle three hours of studio while I was barfing.  Grrrrr.  Well, I emailed my professor, so hopefully he can explain what happened to me.  If not, I can always try and contest the grade or whatever, but that would be a pain in the neck and I don’t know if its even worth it.  I mean, seriously, a C+ in a 300-level studio class during the worst semester of my life and a life-threatening illness isn’t that bad.  So, I’ll wait and see what my prof says, and I’ll keep you guys updated as more of my grades come out.

I started applying for jobs today, too.  So far I’ve applied over 20 places in the area; if anyone has any great ideas or wants to hire me, let me know ASAP!  I’ll probably start calling places back around Wednesday or Thursday to make sure they got my application and such…wish me luck.  I feel very frustrated that there aren’t more jobs available, and I also feel overqualified for a lot of the positions I applied for.  Which, I know, I’m just gonna have to live with, but hey its a new feeling for me.  First choice jobs include: clerking for a law office, working at one of the banks in Elburn, waitressing, and some of the retail jobs in the commons.

I’ve been trying to think of other ways to get some extra cash until I get a job, and all I’ve really come up with is to sell stuff on Amazon and eBay.  So, I listed all my textbooks and some of my books (don’t worry mom, I’m not parting with anything significant!) and various other trinkets…hopefully someone wants them and I get mildly rich.

…………..fat chance, I know, but hey, a girl can dream………………

To Dave:  You are wonderful!  And you look great in glasses.  I hope your paper ended up okay today, and that I was able to help at least a little bit.  Thanks so much for cheering me up when I got the news about my grades; it really helped me be more grounded and level-headed about the whole situation.  And the shoulder rub definitely didn’t hurt!  I forgive you for lying to me about you-know-what; I just love you, and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.  *hug*

Alrighty, peace out ladies and gent’s, time for bed!