I got a hamster :D he is adorable, sweet, and likes to be held and petted (I made sure to ask the guy at the pet shop which one liked to be handled the most).  I hope he will be happy!  And I think he will help me with my depression issues, too.  Whenever I had Vlad (my albino gerbil), I would always play with him when I was sad and he made me feel much better.  I hope having a little furry companion will work out as well as I’m hoping it will!

I don’t have pictures yet, but here is one that’s close to what he looks like (he’s a Syrian Hamster, hence the name Gilgamesh):

Syran Hamster that looks like Gilgy

Michelle kindly said she would feed him while I’m away in Samoa, and if all goes well I can just keep him in my room so Calvin & Hobbes don’t decide they want to “play” with him.

Also, I just realized that Gilgamesh can be shortened into “Gilgy” which is close to the word “gilky” that I made up when I was like 2 to describe something “good and silky.”  Best name decision ever!

Wish us luck!