Hey everyone!  I noticed there have been a lot of searches for “tree” and “butterfly,” so I thought I’d give you all some info on the picture :)

The butterflies are Blue Morphos, which are indigenous to the South American rainforest.  Each year, millions of these beautiful creatures migrate north to the equator to stay warm – the South American version of our migrating Monarchs.  This rare and captivating picture was taken by one of my favorite nature photographers, and depicts the butterflies resting on a large tree in northern Brazil.

Blue morphos are my favorite kind of butterfly, and they have deep spiritual meaning as well: in traditional eastern cultures, butterflies are interpreted as the manifestation of the soul, and that when a person is born, there is a corresponding butterfly that lives alongside them.  When people choose a favorite color or favorite butterfly, it is because that is the color of their soul’s butterfly.  And I think that’s a pretty awesome myth :D